27-11-2012 - Reigning cats ...and dogs

Cute 'Reigning Cats... and dogs' cards by Claire Louise Barrie and Peter Cole

The second range of greetings cards that I have developed with the poet Peter Cole entitled "Reigning cats ...and dogs" is finally available! The super cute and silly cards can be purchased here and there are Christmas card designs available too!

11-11-2012 - Exhibition in Plasencia

Paper Cut by Claire Louise Barrie
Paper Cut by Claire Louise Barrie

This paper cut castle has been selected for the 'Mail Art' exhibition in La Puerta de Tannhäuser, Plasencia, Spain. It will be on display fo several more weeks.

Also, the new range of cute cat greetings cards I have been working on with poet Peter Cole will shortly be printed, very exciting!

Cute illustration by Claire Louise Barrie

09-10-2012 - Some recent projects

Golly it has been a long time since I update Puppyfat. I'm still in the Mountains of the Cat, and this summer have been kept busy with many a design project, including 3 illustrated custom wedding invitations, a flyer for the year of faith 2013, a website for a super photographer, logos for a London fashion boutique, an estate agent and an AIDS charity, as well as making a mountain of blackberry jam, and building a litte house.

This illustration is for a french/spanish/english translator whose website I am currently developing.

10-02-2011 - Some recent projects

Cute illustration by Claire Louise Barrie
  • The range of cards I illustrated for Bubble Bath giraffe / Paperlink are now in various greetings card stores across the country. You can see the full range here.

  • I've completed websites for a music promotion company in London, and an amazing Christian poet in London.

  • This illustration (left) is from a range I made for a lovely life coach, Capitalise on creativity. To see the rest, click here.

  • I have also produced a poster for Catholic churches throughout Westminster dioese, about support and spiritual care offered by pashish priests to all those affected by HIV and AIDS. The final design can be seen here. Amazingly, an article has ben written by the client about the poster design concept, which has been published in the Feb 2012 edition of Catholic Social Action Network Newsletter.

  • Very soon I will be collaborating on a a giant cutout which will be filling an entire supermarket window in London. More details to follow.

21-10-2011 - AidEx Innovation Challenge Winner

Winner of the AidEx Innovation Challenge 2011
Last Wednesday I travelled to Brussels to take part in the finals of the AidEx Innovation Challenge. I had to present my product concept to a panel of judges which included Trevor Baylis OBE, Michael Pritchard of Lifesaver Systems, and Tim Large of AlertNet.
I was presenting a medication dispenser and timer for HIV drugs, which have to be taken on time for them to work.
They liked the design enough to award me the top grant of £2500 to get the project off the ground, as well as much appreciated advice and other help in the future. Thanks AidEx!

29-05-2011 - t:issue illustration & animation

smiling emoticon Here is a little animation I made for a new direct marketing company based in the uk, t:issue. I also made the website & illustrations:

21-05-2011 - things made in spain

Haint painted shutters by Puppyfat.
Hallo! Once more I have been skipping around the continent helping out on various farms, also producing some artwork, working on some freelance web projects, and falling in love with a large number of animals.
  • These shutters I painted for the lovely Ian and Sally in Malaga. Clicking on the picture will take you to a large one where you can spy some little chickens, goats, pigs, and swallows. Sally and Ian also have a super lovely villa in Malaga to rent.

  • Sally taught me to crochet and I have become a little bit addicted to making amigurumi.

  • I've been doing some cute illustrations and animation for a marketing company, which will be online soon, I'll post a link as soon as it is ^-^
Haint painted shutters by Puppyfat.

05-01-2011 - Happy New Year!

Puppy Fat illustrations for Bubble Bath Giraffe Greetings Cards
Apologies for lack of news over the last few months - I spent Autumn in the mountains of France, living and working with goats, and am now doing much of the same in the Canaries. All the same I have two important updates to share:
  • A range of cards that I have illustrated for Poet Peter Cole, entitled 'Bubble Bath Giraffe' is to be published by Paperlink, and will be available in a number of greetings card retailers from July 2011.
  • I now have a separate site for my web and graphic design at Please take a peek ^-^

13-09-2010 - Runner Up at Art & Escape Awards 2010

  • Last month, 2 of my pieces were shorlisted for the'Art & Escape Awards 2010'
  • I came runner up and have been offered gallery represetation by 'Art & Escape Gallery', Greater London.
  • The selected works are being exhibited until the end of September at Art & Escape Gallery, 23-25 Barnet Road, Hertfordshire EN6 2QX.

06-07-2010 - Artist Residency

I have been selected to be an Artist in Residence at Broadwalk Arts for 3 weeks this Summer, funded by Bristol City Council.
I will be working from the gallery 24th July - 15th August, and will have several works on show during this time, as well as keeping a blog of my progress.
There will be a final exhibition of works produced by myself and the other resident artist in the Autumn time, I'll post full details shortly.

05-07-2010 - Second Ink-Dot print show

Puppy Fat submission to the 'ink dot' Escape exhibition
  • I've got another print in the Ink-Dot 'Escape' exhibition.
  • "Ink-dot has invited established designers and illustrators as well as exciting new talent from all over Bristol. The designers have been challenged to produce something a little more unpremeditated, giving them an opportunity to create a piece of work that they may never have had the excuse to before. There are no boundaries to what kind of design can be produced. However, the designers are restricted to using the same ingredients. They are given a set size, A2, and a limited palette."

  • The show is currently taking place in the upstairs gallery of Howies store, Queens rd, Bristol, and runs until 11th July.

  • Limited edition Giclee prints are being produced by Hello Blue, on 350gsm, 100% cotton, acid free, fully archival paper.

  • Prices:
  • A3 - £30
  • A2 - £45
  • A1 - £80

  • Available at Howies and online
  • 06-07-2010 - Work exhibited in Clifton venues

    Some paintings ang greetings cards are now permenantly shown and available for purchase from the following places:
  • MeMe Chocolat, Clifton Village.
  • Caffe Clifton, part of The Clifton Hotel.
  • 06-06-2010 - PuppyFat Hiatus

    This afternoon I'm taking a trip to County Cork and shall be away without email or phone contact until 28th June. Any orders for artwork or cards won't be processed until then. Sorry for any inconvenience! =^-^=

    21-05-2010 - New work, and paintings now available to buy online!

    Voyage Painting by PuppyFat

  • I've got 3 new paintings uploaded, 'Magnet', 'Joint-hands' and 'Voyage'.

  • The Peter Cole poetry website I've been working onis now live. Check it out here:

  • Several of my paintings can now be bought directly through this site. A list of available works can be seen on the paintings page. Transactions are all through PayPal cand can accept credit/debit cards.
  • 11-05-2010 - PuppyFat Card Shop Launched!

    PuppyFat Card Shop

  • Greetings cards, postcards, and tiny bear-hugs are now available to buy from my brand new Online Shop! Please take a peek >.<

  • I'm currently working on illustrations for a series of greetings cards for the brilliant children's poet Peter Cole. (And soon a poetry book too.) His website will be going live soon - do go and check out his very silly poems, jokes and egg yolks.

  • At the weekend my print from the last ink-dot exhibition was displayed in the South Bank Art Trail. These prints are still available to buy online from hello blue.

  • 28-02-2010 - New Work

    'Unsaid' by PuppyFat
  • Got some new paintings. So far I've only uploaded a photo of this one as it got sold right away in last week's exhibition. Other pictures are coming soon >.<

  • My stay on the Galileean goat farm was wonderous. I spent most of the time painting a morrocan style door for the milking parlour.

  • I met the lovely Dave Bain on Friday. His illustrations are yummy. Take a look!
  • 20-02-2010 - Current solo show

    Running until Saturday 27th Feb, a collection of my artwork is being exhibited at Room 212, Gloucester Road, Bristol, BS7 8NU.

    07-01-2010 - PuppyFat Hiatus

    Tomorrow I am taking a trip to Galilee and shall be away without email contact until 14th February.

    19-11-2009 - Ink-Dot print show

    Puppy Fat submission to the 'ink dot' exhibition

    Click to see full image

  • Got a print in the 'Ink-Dot' Spare time exhibition.
  • "Ink-dot has invited established designers and illustrators as well as exciting new talent from all over Bristol. The designers have been challenged to produce something a little more unpremeditated, giving them an opportunity to create a piece of work that they may never have had the excuse to before. There are no boundaries to what kind of design can be produced. However, the designers are restricted to using the same ingredients. They are given a set size, A2, and a limited palette, black, white and a choice of two other colours from pink, yellow, green, blue and brown."

  • The show is taking place in the upstairs gallery of Howies store, Queens rd, Bristol. The show will launch on November 26th and will run right up to Christmas.

  • Prints are being produced by Hello Blue
  • Limited edition Giclee prints on 350gsm, 100% cotton, acid free, fully archival paper.
  • Editions: 50 of each design
  • Retail price: £40
  • Available at Howies and online
  • 28-10-2009 - Film Awards at Compass Festival

    I went to see 'Bear With Me' screened at the Compass of Desire Festival last saturday night. There were some wonderful short films from all over the world, as well as a super talk from a psychologist/phychiatrist about desire.

    It was a really lovely surprise to find that my little animation won me the 'Best Local Film Maker' award as well as the 'Audience Award' - meaning it was most popular amongst the audience present. So happy they enjoyed it >.<

    14-10-2009 - Compass Festival and Sweet Station feature

    compass film festival logo
  • Sweet Station is a much frequented and favourite blog of mine - so I'm stoked to have had a recent feature from the lovely folk over there >.<

  • 'Bear With Me' has been shortlisted for the 'Five Minutes of Fire' Short Film Competition as part of the 'Compass of Desire' festival. The short films are going to be screened at the Cube Cinema next Saturday 24th October at 8pm. If you're in Bristol and not familiar with the cube then it would be worth coming just to check out the lovliest independent cinema in the land!

  • This is rather a belated response, but thankkkks to Ele for her kind post about PuppyFat on her blog Product of Lovliness! There really are some superlovely other things on there guaranteed to bring smiles to a grey day :)
  • 01-09-2009 - Updates and Thanks

  • Thankyou so much to everyone who came down to the shyshy exhibition. It was a real success and lots of fun >.<
  • I have finally now updated my paintings page with a whole bunch of new work.
  • Thankyou to Barry Quinn for the post and kind words about PuppyFat on his awesome illustration blog Invert This Space. His artwork's well worth checking out!
  • PuppyFat Featured on 'invert this space' website

    12-08-2009 - launched

    New gallery site with a selection of work from the shyshy exhibition is now live :) check it out here.
    PuppyFat 'shyshy' exhibition gallery webpage

    27-07-2009 - 'Shyshy' Solo Exhibition

    From 16th - 22nd August, Broadwalk Artspace will be hosting a solo exhibition of my works, entitled 'Shyshy.' The gallery will be open 11am - 5pm daily. If you are in the area please pop in and say hello!
    The address is: Broadwalk Artspace, Broadwalk Shopping Centre, Knowle, Bristol, BS4 2QU.
    A separate site detailing the pieces to be shown will be up shortly at ^-^
    Puppyfat 'shyshy' exhibition flyer

    27-04-2009 - Feature on Multimedial!

    PuppyFat on Multimedial
    I've been meaning to post this for a while - Multimedial is an awesome Argentinian creative blog, WELL worth checking out.

    07-04-2009 - New Paintings and upcoming exhibition

    A couple of these new paintings are going to be exhibited at the Broadwalk Artspace in Bristol on 25 - 30th May, as part of a group exibition entitled 'Playtime.' Further details to be posted soon!

    I'll be puting them up properly on the paintings gallery page soon, I promise >.<

    31-03-2009 - PuppyFat blogged

    PuppyFat's just been featured on Ilustrativo. Thankoo! x

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